Our research group is dedicated to the development of next-generation mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging technologies. Our core areas of focus encompass light-physics, optical design, image restoration, and light modulation techniques. We combine engineering, optics, and data science to address complex challenges and create novel solutions.

If you join our team, you will delve into stimulating research topics such as electromagnetic theory, instrumentation development, and learning-based diagnostics.

Mid-Infrared Instruments

The mid-infrared (mid-IR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum (2–20 μm) harbors the unique spectral signature of nearly all molecules due to vibrational transitions. Thus, this region is pivotal for applications ranging from contaminant detection to chemical and gas sensing. Despite the potential, the standard mid-IR microscopy has been restrained by lengthy acquisition times, limited spatial detail, and inadequate understanding of light-matter interactions.

Research Directions

Our research projects are dynamic and continually evolving. Each project will involve the concurrent development of custom optical microscopes and innovative computational reconstruction frameworks. These frameworks will utilize physics-based models along with statistical learning theory tools. The ultimate goal is to create holistic optical solutions for applications in medical and space.

Past Projects